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    The best of the seasons is here! the world is alive with color and scents, and Lawrence Foods can help you with products that deliver beautiful color and flavor consistently: From true-to-fruit fillings, to icings with a clean, sweet taste, you can count on us!

    • Orchard Fresh Fruit Fillings® -  Season to season, only premium quality fruit is selected. It’s retort-cooked – right in the pail – to ensure unparalleled fruit integrity.
    •  Fruit Glazes - Lawrence Foods offers several options for beautifully glazing fresh fruit: Krystal Glaze requires heating to use, Mirror Set is ready-to-use straight from the pail, and Fresh Fruit Glaze is so convenient in an EZ Squeeze® pouch. All provide a clear, transparent shine that preserves and showcases the natural beauty of the fruit.
    • Crème Fillings  – These bake-able, freeze / thaw stable fillings star because taste and texture rule! Versatile: performing as cake layers, tarts, parfaits... at your command as desired. 

    Check out our seasonal favorites below.     

    October...          Think Pink!

    November...        MMM... Fudge

    December...       Tastes of the Season


  • Kits

    Lawrence Foods has made it a cinch to WOW your customers with our super easy-to-use Dessert Pizza Kits and Orchard Fresh Cobbler® Kits.

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The Holiday ButterCremes® Dream Team

We've got smooth and silky Holiday ButterCremes® in 14 oz. tubs coming to a grocery aisle near you. You'll find red and green for Christmas and tons of other colors for all the holiday seasons.

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